Our Story

Best friends since Kindergarten and life-long residents of New York, Lauren and Michelle have been teaming up for adventures for almost four decades now. Overnight camping trips as young girls taught them to have a deep respect for our resources-- something that is imprinted even today. On a trip to Europe while in high school they honed a shared love of fine art and an appreciation for style. Fast forward to adulthood where they have their own families but talk every day, drive to out-of-state concerts together, still take a bunch of trips, wander through art museums and even go to the same beachfront amusement park they visited each year as kids.

In 2022 these friends partnered to take on Luken + Co to make a small but meaningful contribution to the search for the perfect capsule handbag wardrobe while promoting the importance of conscious consumerism

It was important to them that even in its infancy, their brand have a give-back component. That's why a gift will be made to their favorite environmental organizations at the end of each year to represent a portion of every single sale made. 

'We're starting small, but it's a start. Small can make a difference if we do our part."


Lauren and Michelle in High School